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Fiya Pratt Diaz has one job:

making sure the dead stays dead.

It used to pay very well.

Thomas and his daughter, Liama, escape captivity from a strange cult, finding help in the hands of Fiya Pratt Diaz, a supernatural hunter who specializes in dealing with the undead. Together the three uncover the truth behind the cult members and their release of the deadly plague known as Ghoul Fever in the Seattle area. It seems that the cult have something even bigger up their sleeves though and they’ll do anything to bring Thomas and Liama back, including hiring a pack of werewolves to retrieve the father and daughter pair.

With the stakes growing more dire than ever, can Fiya overcome her own doubts and reservations to survive and do what’s right despite terrible odds?

"Part badass, part self-doubter, Fiya is a conflicted and relatable heroine," says Booktrib reviewer, Gevera Bert Piedmont. "...if you are looking for a ghoulishly good time, Graveslinger is an engaging tale that is part urban fantasy, part mystery, and all horror."

Full review here:

Be on the lookout for this awesome book from Darren Compton in the near future. I've had the privilege of reading early drafts of this book, and it's fantastic. Talented son of bitch, for sure.  Remember this title, folks, cause it's a good one.

Seth Miller, The Horror Syndicate

The Graveslinger Series in Progress
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