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Originally conceived as a comic book series, the Graveslinger series is about Fiya Pratt Diaz, a hunter in a deep organization that specializes in exterminating the Undead, and other creatures that go bump in the night, called The Order of Immortuos Venandi. It is an Urban Fantasy with lots of roots in horror, and even inspired by adventure-thrillers such as Indiana Jones, Mad Max, and James Bond.

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ISBN-978-1-7364061-7-5 (Hardcover)

ISBN-978-1-7364061-6-8 (Paperback)

Fiya Pratt Diaz has one job:

making sure the dead stays dead.

It used to pay very well.


Thomas and his daughter, Liama, escape captivity from a strange cult, finding help in the hands of Fiya Pratt Diaz, a supernatural hunter who specializes in dealing with the undead. Together the three uncover the truth behind the cult members and their release of the deadly plague known as Ghoul Fever in the Seattle area. It seems that the cult have something even bigger up their sleeves though and they’ll do anything to bring Thomas and Liama back, including hiring a pack of werewolves to retrieve the father and daughter.

With the stakes growing more dire than ever, can Fiya overcome her own doubts and reservations to survive and do what’s right despite terrible odds?

Wrath of the Worm Wraith Paperback Cover Front.png
Wrath of the Worm Wraith

ISBN-978-1-7375977-2-8 (B&N)

ISBN-978-1-7375977-3-5 (Amazon)


A wraith, an angry and vengeful spirit, has come back to kill the descendants of those that wronged it in life, and is killing anyone that gets in its way. The key to fighting it is buried deep in a ghoul-infested Seattle to find the wraith's remains. 

In Process
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Breath of Blood


(temporary artwork)

In Process
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